Gwynt-Y-Mor Offshore Substation

KCI performed the concept design for the self-installing substation with suction buckets for the Gwynt-Y-Mor Field for Siemens.

This field has a depth up to 28 meters for which a self-installing option was found to be a good fit. The proof of concept was delivered by the Oil & Gas projects at the P-Blocks in The Netherlands, where KCI installed this concept on five locations.

Additional services on the Gwynt-Y-Mor OWF

Installation planning and engineering for RWE.
KCI performed the transport and installation engineering.
For the logistics KCI have advised the client based on our in house developed logistics tool TILT.
On basis of which vessels, barges, quay side sizing, personnel, etc. can be estimated based on acceptable risk levels. Risk assessments are carried out for uncertainties such as weather and availability of personnel, equipment and material.
Grillage & Seafastening design for Monopiles & Transition Pieces for RWE.
Grillage & Seafastening design for the Offshore Substation Jacket and Piles for Seaway Heavy Lifting