Stadium flight

The ultimate visitor experience

The Stadium Flight is an exciting new attraction developed by a Dutch-based collaboration of KCI, and several hi-tech companies. Some were also involved in the development of the world’s largest observation wheels, such as the London Eye and Ain Dubai.

Together we have developed the world’s first sustainable ‘fly-through’ stadium attraction. A spectacular experience, it invites visitors to enjoy an unprecedented view of a stadium and its surroundings. From the interior of the cabin, the story of the stadium and club history  is told digitally, with augmented window displays in multiple languages. 

The attraction features 25 lightweight and autonomous electric cabins (each housing a maximum of eight people), and includes energy-saving drive systems moving along a rail controlled by the highest level of automation. 

  • Attracts visitors for a spectacular experience of their favorite sports club
  • Safe, innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient design
  • Proven technology

Safe and energy-efficient

The concept offers a safe, innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient attraction to football clubs and stadium owners. The companies involved in its development have a high level of experience and expertise in the fields of attraction and stadium engineering, electric motion technology, steel construction and experience  design. 


Innovation and sustainability 

The Stadium Flight makes use of a smart automated and electric control system that reduces energy use and maintenance – and maximises efficiency. The autonomous cabin even generates its own power while moving in a downward motion. In addition, the attraction uses proven technology, securing the safety of visitors, and is made from a lightweight steel construction using circular and locally sourced materials.


An excellent business case

The Stadium Flight integrates an online booking system that enables a stadium to create safe visitor slots for guests and an efficient operation with a small number of ground staff. The new and innovative concept will create much publicity, and generate an enormous controlled and automated stadium capacity.

It will also greatly increase revenues through higher ticket, food, beverage and merchandise sales. In combination with exciting advertisement features, the Stadium Flight presents an interesting business model for football clubs and stadium owners. 

Interested in the feasibility of the Stadium Flight?

Please contact us to learn more:

Jan Willem van Bloois             

Director business development

Johan Mellegers

Project manager Stadium Flight

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