Design to function


In 2010, it was not the first time that Vuyk delivered the complete engineering package for wind turbine generator (WTG) offshore installation:

  • Deck layouts
  • Stability checks
  • Support and seafastening designs
  • lifting arrangements

Previously, Vuyk did the same for Robin Rigg (Vestas turbines) and Alpha Ventus (Areva Multibrid turbines) offshore wind farms and part of the engineering packages for numerous other wind parks starting from 2002.

It is easy to put everything on deck to make it fit. What makes it a challenge each time is the interaction between lifting arrangement, overall weight, COG and deck strength. 
Therefore, we always start a project like this with a feasibility phase where the complete puzzle is solved. This means making lifting procedures to check the crane reach and clearances, moving the jack-up relative to the WTG foundation, moving the items over deck while checking the overall weight and under deck strong points.
The above exercise is an iterative process and if the components or jack-up are not the same as previous, then the complete project is not the same either since all aspects are tied together.


Due to the larger length of the blades together with the crane’s operational limits, the original blade rack did not suffice. Therefore, the construction had to be revised completely. In making the new design, also the top blade tip support was changed. We proposed a steel saddle on a hinge for the tip blades. By adding a counter weight, one man could easily turn the saddle.

After all preparations, Vuyk also assisted in the lifting arrangement for mounting the new blade rack and during mobilization.

Operational projects like these involve a lot of communication in a short time span between all parties and personnel involved; engineers, barge masters, manufacturers, etc. A good cooperation is vital in order to limit engineering iterations, to get information as soon as possible and to make the decision making processes as effective as possible.